Whether it’s a residential project, from single-family homes or multi-family living, its complexity and costs are magnified due to requirements to meet federal, state, and municipal regulations. Garret-Ihnen Civil Engineers understands that while a site must conform to local building standards, residential facilities must also balance functionality, cost-effectiveness and beauty to attract the maximum number of prospective residents.

At Garret-Ihnen, we can assist you in the planning, design and permitting of residential projects, including subdivisions, subdivision improvements and apartment complexes. Our assistance with your residential project includes: infrastructure design and planning for roadways, water and wastewater distribution systems, grading and drainage analysis and detention facilities.

We work directly with you through the planning and permitting of both subdivisions and site plans to verify that all the projects comply with all applicable regulations. The Garrett-Ihnen team works closely with agencies such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency in order to ensure that designs conform with environmental standards set by state and
federal regulations. We also work directly with local municipalities such as the City of Austin, the City of Georgetown, the City of Pflugerville and various neighborhood associations in order to follow local construction guidelines.

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