Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers is a firm of dedicated professionals that will provide expert civil engineering and land use planning consulting services to assist clients in meeting the challenges that they face in the development process throughout the state of Texas.

We have established our reputation by cultivating a high level of trust and respect with clients, peers, and review authorities. Garrett-Ihnen prides itself in providing services that are responsive to our clients' needs and expectations, while maintaining a work environment that fosters growth and development in our employees. Involvement within professional associations further expands knowledge within our field of services and allows information to be exchanged with peers and reviewers.

Our commitment to computer-aided design facilitates the development of timely and efficient designs by permitting our project managers to maintain a cost-effective, hands-on management style throughout the course of a project. This direct involvement reduces time required to prepare design revisions, and ensures the end product will be of the highest quality and consistency.

Garrett-Ihnen's past projects include municipal, commercial, and residential designs. These projects range in size from one-acre tracts to large fifty-acre multi-phased projects. Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers has the experience and capability to design civil site projects and permit them not only in the most stringent regions of Austin, but throughout the state of Texas.

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