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Municipalities have the daunting task of providing the public with facilities that distribute utilities, provide security and, most importantly, promote community. While each project must perform a specific function, its ultimate success is measured by its appeal to a community’s sense of pride. At Garret-Ihnen, we have the know-how to combine functionality, natural features and aesthetics to relay a real sense of community to citizens.

Given their size, complexity, budget concerns and completion schedules, most institutional projects require a very high level of coordination between the municipality and our project team. Garrett-Ihnen’s assignment of one engineer to serve as your project manager is the perfect approach to engineering institutional
projects; ensuring continuity, as well as significant time and cost savings. And our decades of experience working with various municipal agencies throughout Texas gives Garrett-Ihnen the unique ability to assist your project team with all aspects of development — from initial planning and design to permitting and construction.

Police stations, court complexes, detention centers, city offices, city maintenance and utility compounds, community centers, post offices, primary, secondary and college facilities, water and wastewater distribution systems… in planning and permitting these projects, Garret-Ihnen Civil Engineers has worked with municipalities from the larger city governments of Austin, Georgetown, and Corpus Christi, to smaller cities such as Eagle Pass, Fredericksburg and Pflugerville.

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