Recent trends in commercial facility designs have changed the way people work, play, shop and dine. At Garret-Ihnen Civil Engineers, we believe commercial designs should not only blend in with their environment, but also balance beauty with a functionality that enhances the site’s marketability.

When it comes to commercial projects, Garrett-Ihnen offers you two distinct advantages: decades of experience in developing commercial sites across Texas and Oklahoma and familiarity with
current concerns from close contact with commercial project review teams from various city and state agencies. Garrett-Ihnen’s expertise in the diverse requirements of commercial project development can save you two of your most valuable resources: time and money.

Every commercial project has special regulatory, environmental, or other conditions that must be met. Garrett-Ihnen draws on experience gained from hundreds of commercial project completions and the Garrett-Ihnen engineer project manager assigned to your project will work alongside you to incorporate any required or desired elements into the project with an eye on improving the site’s aesthetics and functionality.

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